Top 15 Cryptocurrency Blogs

Crypto has become a buzzing topic nowadays. The crypto industry has experienced rapid growth. As a result, many people are seeking ways to invest in cryptocurrencies. Several crypto websites provide information, relevant news, and the latest updates.   

Check out a list of the best cryptocurrency blogs, both newly and already established, to assist you in discovering everything you need to know about crypto opportunities available.  

15 Best Crypto Blogs To Read  


Launched in 2013, Cointelegraph is a highly recommended crypto blog. It covers cryptocurrency, decentralized apps, and market cap. This website has the latest cryptocurrency news, including prices, blockchain, mining, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.  

Kraken Blog  

Kraken is a prominent cryptocurrency exchange worldwide. This website is credible, trusted, and expert. It publishes daily market data. In addition, it has a designated blog that discusses several topics on crypto. Kraken was founded in 2011.  

If you are focusing on Bitcoin (BTC) for investment, visit Bitstr8. Here, you can explore all about Bitcoin, including its prices, charts, and news. Moreover, you can keep track of cryptocurrency buying, trading, mining, and more.   

The blog section offers helpful guides and updates for crypto. It also has a simple and easy-to-navigate website design.  

XRP, also known as Ripple cryptocurrency, is one of the largest cryptocurrencies by market cap. To get updates on XRP price, news, history, and other important details, Xrpdepth is a decent choice.   

Start your cryptocurrency journey by reading the blog posts on this website. Their articles are well-researched to explain the must-knows about XRP and cryptocurrency in general.  

Stay in the loop about Ethereum (ETH). Ethrule features one of the leading decentralized blockchains. Click here for ETH value, stock updates, investment, and trading. Plus, the website regularly posts blogs tackling different topics from price predictions, mining, basic facts, and more.  

Find relevant information about Binance, a top cryptocurrency with a variety of benefits and applications. Join the growing community learning trending news, cryptocurrency charts, exchange, and more on Binanceaid.  

Besides, this website produces interesting and informative blogs that will surely help you in your crypto investments.  


U.Today aims to educate people about next-generation technology. Learn about cryptocurrency, blockchain, and the opportunities they offer. They provide a number of instructions on trading, mining, exchanges, and other related topics. U.Today is your top bet if you want to expand your knowledge about cryptocurrencies in one place.  


For another Bitcoin-centered blog, NewsBTC is a must-visit. It has been providing excellent news reports, technical analyses, reviews, and other insights regarding cryptocurrency. This website gives information on a variety of cryptocurrency topics.  

Shiba Inu coin is among the favorites in the crypto market. If you pick this, then visit Shibanatics. Get Shiba Inu news, price, stock, market cap, and investment guides. Visit this media platform to access the latest and accurate SHIB content online.  

Get started with crypto trading equipped with the right know-how. Tradersdepth helps people learn about cryptocurrency, platforms, fees, trading strategies, and more. This website gives expert opinions on a wide range of cryptocurrencies.  

Due to the rapid digital shift happening in the global finance sector, it has the main purpose of giving information on the crypto ecosystem.  

In terms of Solana (SOL), Solcoined is an ideal pick. It is a media platform focusing on Solana cryptocurrency. Browse through the website’s blog section to understand SOL, its price, market flow, investment, and other news.  

Solcoined has skilled researchers who work for its content. It establishes a strong and innovative website that aims to inform and educate.  

Bitcoin News is a one-stop site for all things Bitcoin. The website contains the most recent news and updates. Moreover, it has Bitcoin Forum where you can interact with the community.   

While Bitcoin News focuses on specific currencies, it does more than just report on Bitcoin-related activity. The site also has information on other currencies.  

Discover moon cryptocurrency and understand the bear and bull market concept with Digitalmooning. Read the blog posts on the website and be introduced to many strategies, tips, and more about investment.  

Another best blog on the list is TheBitTokens. It provides important news on cryptocurrency, digital wallets, and NFT. Take a look at the blog section for more details. This website covers all the trending crypto coins such as Bitcoins, Ethereum, Shiba Inu, and XRP.  

Minersforks provides a blog on cryptocurrencies. You can find everything to know about crypto mining, calculators, software, sites, and more here. So don’t get lost when you start your crypto journey. This website can help you navigate your way to success.  

Wrapping Up  

There you have it. The options listed above are just some of the best crypto blogs available on the Internet. When looking for relevant crypto blogs, you can try visiting any of them, depending on your preference. Then, see which ones have the most important content for you to use.   

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