Illuvium: The New Crypto RPG Video Game

Due to utilizing crypto as an in-game feature, blockchain games have gained great popularity among cryptocurrency fans. Blockchain technology is employed in these games to ensure full ownership of game items, which are represented by tokens.

What Is Illuvium?

Illuvium is an Ethereum-based open-world role-playing game (RPG). The game begins with the player on a crash-landed intergalactic transport ship on a dying planet. Because the player is unable to leave the planet due to the accident, they must seek for mysterious creatures known as illuvials, which can be collected in crystal pieces.

Each illuvial has its own set of attributes, and creatures are split into classes with unique powers. There are some illuvials that are more common than others. They can combine into rarer strong forms or convert into rarer varieties thanks to a blending mechanism. The creatures appear as NFTs, which may be earned in-game or purchased on the IlluviDEX and other external markets. 

Gamers were testing the beta version of Illuvium in the Q1 of 2022, with the goal of making it the first AAA project in decentralized finance (DeFi) games. 

NFT games, on the whole, have a very unsightly appearance and are extremely boring to play. The goal of the game is to gather NFT items and then exchange them for specific tokens. Overload was a particular issue with Ethereum games, which made the action incredibly exhausting at important points.

The Immutable X layer-2 protocol is being integrated by the Illuvium development team to address this problem. The performance of Ethereum-based projects is considerably improved by this network. 

The initiative assures that gamers may sell their NFT tokens with no fees and fast transactions with Immutable X. The IMX protocol is used to store NFT assets. 

Illuvium appears to have a lot of potential, unlike other projects, where game concepts are only an add-on to token farming. Illuvium, which is powered by the Unreal engine, may be comparable to famous titles such as The Outer Worlds or Borderlands in terms of visuals.

How to play Illuvium?

The game begins with the user customizing a character and selecting a robot assistant, which is downloadable for PC. 

Users can play as themselves as well as their illuvials. The available weapons are determined by the character. Also, rare minerals can be used to boost the power of weapons. The player will encounter creatures on the planet’s surface with whom they can fight. 

To start, users can make use of free tools to capture some weak illuvials. Illuvials become stronger after some victories and may be upgraded with certain items.

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