How To Buy LUNA Coin

Luna coin is one among the other cryptocurrencies difficult to obtain. It is unavailable on Coinbase Wallet or Coinbase app. But you can buy Luna coins with these simple tips listed below.

1. Check CoinMarketCap

The first thing to do if you are interested to buy Luna coin is to sign up with CoinMarketCap. It provides a list of market pairs or purchasing options including Luna coins. By tapping the “Market” button, you will identify where you can buy Luna coin. Buying Luna coin requires a secondary currency, an example is LUNA/USD.

2. Choose a platform

When choosing a platform, make sure that it offers a high level of liquidity, reliability, and security. Research first and read reviews about the platform before creating your account.

3. Make a purchase

Some platforms are easy to use, while others are not. Using another crypto to buy Luna coin requires creating a crypto wallet. But make sure that the wallet supports Luna coin.

After the 99% drop of Luna, a new version was launched naming the old coin as Terra Classic. The new coin Terra Luna is now listed on

Here are some crypto exchanges where you can buy Terra Luna:


On May 19, 2022, eToro relisted Luna, thus allows trading of the new Luna coin. It is a top-rated crypto exchange that investors can use to purchase Terra Luna token. The good thing about this platform is it allows investors to use debit or credit card without worrying about the processing fees. eToro also accepts payments through PayPal.

Another venue an investor can buy Luna coins is at This platform allows trading cryptocurrencies with lower transaction fees. If you will deposit crypto in this platform there is no payment required as well as when swapping crypto-to-crypto.


This crypto exchange is very friendly for beginners in the digital currency world. But expect higher purchasing fees. If you will use a debit or credit card to buy Terra Luna, you will pay a processing fee amounting to 3.49%. A processing fee of 1.49% is collected when making a payment through a bank account. You can also stake Luna in this platform.


This is the best crypto exchange if you plan for trading Terra Luna. Using this platform for trading is profitable. It features customizable technical charts with built-in indicators. It means the investors can track the order book of Terra Luna, monitor the crypto market, or set price alerts.

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