Cryptocurrency Facts

Crypto Values Is Indeed Volatile 

There are a lot of external factors that have a direct impact on the value of Crypto money. This means that its value can dramatically swing; there are times that it is favorable and there are times that is not. This is the reason why some people choose to stay away from it.

Biggest Miner 

Clue, it is a country. Mining is the process of verifying forms of transactions before putting it on the Blockchain. This is a business- a lucrative one. 

So, have you guessed it ? Starts with letter C. In the middle is the letter I and it ends with A. 😀 

Ban Physically? 

No can do . Since any people can get crypto wallet , banning cryptocurrency physically is absolutely impossible. To have regulation is definitely doable but stopping it to exist ? uh-uh.

You can’t sue anyone if your investment drastically goes down. Well, basically investing in it is a great risk. 

6 Countries That Are Not Into Crypto 

And actually banned it from their end.

  1. Algeria
  2. Bolivia
  3. Ecuador
  4. Nepal
  5. Bangladesh
  6. Cambodia 

Crypto doesn’t have fundamental backing 

Digital currencies are not backed up by central banks or governments.


Makes blockchain technology attractive to people. Having no central hub where information is stored means that  no major data center where cybercriminals can attack and gain control of a particular digital currency. This technology and system appeals to huge business.

People’s Take On Crypto 

According to experts though there is crypto-craze going on, still, people have limited knowledge when it comes to Cryptocurrency being legal or not. 

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