Crypto Analysis Tools: How They Work?

Crypto trading tools are essential not only for beginners in the crypto industry but also to advanced traders. Over the years, crypto trading has grown exponentially. The market is too young, but many people invest in this platform.

The volatility of the crypto market makes it risky to invest in assets. Thus, investors need to implement some techniques to make profits. For those investors who don’t have knowledge about the market, it is best to use technical tools that can help to come up with better trading decisions.

Best crypto analysis tools

Crypto analysis tools are great to help investors in analyzing the market, and thus making better decisions. There are a plethora of analysis tools in the market making it confusing to choose the best one. Here are some of the tools that offer the best set of features, exchange integration, and ease of use.


Many traders have been using this tool for technical analysis and charting. The tool integrates with popular crypto exchanges to generate impressive results. Both pro users and free users can use this online charting tool.

The best thing about the TradingView tool is being a community-based platform, thus the social network is active. The users can collect data from different crypto exchanges, such as Bittrex, Bitfinex, Binance, and Coinbase.


This crypto analysis tool was launched in the market in 2014. It can analyze over 45 crypto exchange platforms. While trading with exchanges, the user can receive SMS alerts on mobile phones. The users can also trade from their Coinigy accounts through API 24 hours.

Coinigy has a charge fee of $15 monthly, but the user can opt for the trial version within 30 days to know how it works. Subscribing the basic plan, allows the users to access the different technical tools and indicators. They can also get SMS alerts and trade from different exchanges.

Coin Metrics

Another crypto analysis tool available in the market is Coin Metrics. Investors can use this analysis tool both off-chain and on-chain. This tool is helpful to understand the dynamics of the crypto market. It features data feeds, market visualization tools, price reference rates, metrics, and indices. This crypto analysis tool works with over 100 crypto assets.


Investors can use crypto analysis tools to navigate or explore the market. Choose a tool that offers a trial version so that you can determine which one will work for you. 

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