2022: What Crypto Shall I Invest In?

Cryptocurrencies are rampant nowadays. Many people try to study and invest in it because it doesn’t have monthly fees or interest needed to be paid. 

Less than two months from now and we will be entering the year 2022. If you’re thinking what cryptocurrency should you try, keep on scrolling.


From 2009 until 2021 , Bitcoin is still on top of the ranking. When you buy a bitcoin now of course it will be a bit costly. Why? Because many have already invested in it. The price is like a roller coaster trail. But this didn’t lose its place as the number one and it surely has its reasons why. 


Ethereum holds the second place after bitcoin in the crypto market. Experts says that there’s a high possibility that Ethereum would outgrow bitcoin in the next few years. And, it can somehow dominate all the transactions and payments in all sectors. Many investors are actually targeting this.


It is also a crypto which has big potential next year. This cryptocurrency is kind of popular for being fast, effective and censorship-resistant blockchain for global adoption. This cryptocurrency is seen to have a long-term increase in crypto price with a favorable future ahead.


This cryptocurrency also has a promising future. It is one of those making its way to popularity. It offers solutions to crypto investors regarding bringing multiple blockchains on one mixed network orderly.


This crypto is known for being stable without actually providing high elusiveness like the usual crypto market. It is called stablecoin for the reason it is meant to always be worth one dollar. It is a cryptocurrency with tokens provided by Tether Limited and is controlled by Bitfinex.


It is currently fifth at the ranking based on the CoinMarketCap. Some investors said that this can be the next Bitcoin because it is dealing with smart contracts. Aside form this , it also can store confidential informations steadfastly and helps to tracks where the products came from. Cardano Cryptocurrency is famous for being able to process 250 transactions every second coherently.


These are just the top 5 of the most popular cryptocurrencies. They prove their promising result in the world of Cryptocurrencies. If you want to know more about other crypto’s you may want to visit the CoinMarketCap. In there you will also find their prices, graphs and charts. You can use them to assess where you should invest for the following years.

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